Saturday, July 3, 2010


As I drove to work, it was nearing ten o'clock in the evening and much of the evening sky was ablaze with fireworks! Each city that I passed had some fireworks display in progress, some were far more elaborate than others, but, with each magnificent explosion, each brilliant lighting up of the night sky, my heart swelled within my chest and I was so very grateful for this outward display of our united patriotism. HOW blessed we are to live in this beautiful, FREE land! I know that there is much that needs to be righted, and our liberties are truly fragile blessings that we must never take for granted! BUT, how very grateful I am that I do live in this choice land and that I have the privilege to raise my amazing children with our freedoms--- of religion--to mention just one. As a parent, there are SO MANY CHOICES available to me that just are NOT an option to so many others around our globe.

My children are with my parents this week-end. I am not able to share in the festivities, as I am working several nights in a row. BUT, we will have an opportunity in a few short days, to be reunited and to share our love for this great country in a family home evening. AS I ponder how best to share my deep feelings of patriotism with my children, I reflect upon the sacrifices made in our behalf, made daily yet by those serving our country in every branch of our nation's military. HOW can any one of us ever adequately show our gratitude to these noble men and women who wear uniforms and place their very lives on the line for us daily?

I remember seeing an ad encouraging all who did encounter those in uniform, to give them a salute! I was so grateful that someone had made such a simple sign of love and appreciation the object of an ad seen on the internet! I encourage my children to show that respect and use that gesture to ALL who do serve our great land. IN every occupation, whether it be the armed services, or the fire-fighters and police that daily serve in our communities....ALL these men and women deserve our love, admiration, appreciation and constant recognition for continually placing themselves in harm's way each and every day. I feel the tears swell in my eyes, as I contemplate how their families suffer when they are called upon to give their very lives! HOW can we truly ever repay that, the ultimate sacrifice? AGAIN, I recall a video sent to me via the internet, as a fallen soldier was received in Texas, thousands lining the streets, to pay homage to the fallen hero. I am so very proud to know that there are others who have these same deep-seated feelings of love and gratitude. I pray we never lose this common link of love and gratitude.

May we continue to value and appreciate the precious liberties made available to us at such an overwhelming cost. MAY we stand for the right and be heard throughout all this great land, and across the globe. May our hearts be knit together in love, peace and true harmony, is my prayer this DAY OF INDEPENDENCE!

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