Monday, January 18, 2010

The Law Of Compensation

IT has struck me rather profoundly that there truly is a LAW OF COMPENSATION. IF I did not believe this, I do NOT think I could have endured much of what this life has brought to me. I know that each of us has our own set of trials and no one is spared the tests of this life or the vicissitudes that are inherent with this mortal state. IT is foolish to try and compare our circumstances to other sojourners! We can not know what anyone else has had to face. We see only snapshots of others lives and so, on the basis of just one photo, we could never fairly see what anyone else has been called to bear over their lifespan....the only individual that I can fairly see is myself and even then, I realize I am not a fair judge at that! I am so grateful that there will be a PERFECT JUDGE and a merciful and LOVING MEDIATOR, pleading my case before the FATHER of us ALL! As I searched for documentation of this law of compensation, I found the following quotes:

Boyd K. Packer

The Lord has a way of compensating and blessing.

(I have witnessed this in my own life and have been so very grateful that HE does bless and compensate us.)

Looking to the Savior

Adney Y. Komatsu

Elder James E. Talmage wrote, “No pang that is suffered by man or woman upon the earth will be without its compensating effect … if it be met with patience” (as quoted in Spencer W. Kimball, “Tragedy or Destiny,” in Speeches of the Year, 1955–56, Provo: Brigham Young University, pp. 5–6).

(OH NO! I just hate that qualifier---if it be met with PATIENCE!!! I guess I had better work harder on submitting patiently!)

Come What May, and Love It

Joseph B. Wirthlin

While it may not come at the time we desire, the faithful will know that every tear today will eventually be returned a hundredfold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude.

( THIS made me WEEP as I heard this in conference! I have shed so very many tears, I pray that I will be counted among the FAITHFUL so that ONE DAY, these tears will become tears of rejoicing and gratitude!)

“Woman, Why Weepest Thou?”

James E. Faust
He was also speaking to us—men, women, and children and all of mankind ever born or yet to be born, for the tears of sorrow, pain, or remorse are the common lot of mankind. To the doubting Thomas, Jesus said, “Be not faithless, but believing.” Through faith and righteousness all of the inequities, injuries, and pains of this life can be fully compensated for and made right.

( Again, here is the KEY! We must have FAITH and BE RIGHTEOUS! WHAT better reason to remain faithful and righteous, then to have all our pains, injuries, inequities, and all our sorrows made right!! AND even compensated for!)

Covenant Marriage

Bruce C. Hafen

But the Lord will ultimately compensate those faithful ones who are denied mortal fulfillment. One woman told me through her tears how her husband’s constant criticism finally destroyed not only their marriage but her entire sense of self-worth.

( THIS is something I have experienced! In fact, I am still suffering the effects of this type of unkindness and critical scrutiny. I have lost my marriage, lost my husband and since my sealing has been canceled, I do not have, at this time, a hope of an eternal companion or family. I PRAY every day that ONE DAY, even if IT IS NOT UNTIL the next life, BUT, I PLEAD DAILY that ONE DAY I will be blessed with the LOVE, the companionship and the awesome blessing of an eternal companion and family.)

There are so many days that it is so very difficult to believe that that "ONE DAY" will actually ever be a reality. It can be so very discouraging and at times, I KNOW I am NOT patient, faith-filled or even able to believe! But, I shake those doubts and all my discouraging despondency----usually with prayer or listening to the music that soothes my soul and replaces all that negativity with LOVE and HOPE and CHARITY and a longing to be more and more like MY SAVIOR, and less like my own weak self! THIS is Mikeschair's "LET the WATER's RISE"
It is my new favorite song! For longer than I care to admit, this has been how I have felt, that a raging sea was right in front of me, poised to swallow me! But, I have been rescued so frequently by HIM! HE has truly been MY DELIVERER!

I hope that you will find the following songs as soothing to your soul and as comforting and faith promoting! IT truly has been these songs, prayer and the scriptures that have saved me and kept me from falling.... Deliverer, by Rich Mullins's What Faith Can Do, by Kutless will be a Day, by Jeremy Camp YOU in this Storm, by Casting Crowns on OUR KNEES, by Toby Mac don't want to LOSE my SOUL, by Toby Mac in HIS ARMS, by Mark Schultz