Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Subtle Subversion

Way back in the 1990's, I decided to give up TV. It was a choice I made for MY CHILDREN as well as for myself. I was appalled at the filth that was paraded before our eyes every 15 minutes, as advertisers were lowering the standards of what was acceptable just to sell more of their products! I watched as the immodesty and the crude behaviors became commonplace. I decided that it did NOT matter how "GOOD" the particular program of choice was, the inherent evil being subtly inculcated into OUR minds was not innocent. IT was the adversary at his best! HOW better to shape the minds of the masses? SO many would never consciously choose to watch filth, but, if it just "HAPPENED" to be broadcast in the form of advertising, no one would really notice the subtle attack on our societies morals, our value systems! We all would be slowly, carefully dragged down and our standards would slip, ever so carefully to the point of being BASE in just a matter of years! Well, I was RIGHT! I can NOT even believe what is NOW available 24/7 on the TV. Nudity, vulgarity, violence, crime, evil in every form! And, as a whole, our society has become so desensitized to it all now, that it is not even seen for the evil that it is!
I spoke with a friend who insisted that there was still excellent programming available. I asked if the commercials had at all risen their standards over the past decade. His reply was astounding. He insisted that that brief commercial moment, though often very base, did NOT impact him in the least. But, he was able to tell me that the last commercial did have "barely dressed women" I asked if that was not pornography in disguise, and he seemed confused as to what he should reply! I rest my case.
I am so sad that so many good people are allowing their minds to be filled with filth and have just accepted it without any resistance.
I understand how subtle this type of thing is. I was a victim myself in 1981-1982. I was so very ill with my first pregnancy. In order to keep my mind off the incessant nausea and vomiting, I would just watch TV all day and night, until I drifted off to sleep. I had never been a fan of the daytime soap opera's, but, I became addicted and for those months, was so very grateful for that distraction. I had no idea the cost I paid for that addiction until I had had my baby and was no longer watching the TV round the clock. I had gone to a movie with my family previous to my pregnancy, and I was upset by the immorality, the profanity and the total lack of decent standards portrayed in the film. WELL, after having watched the daytime soaps and whatever else was presented on the IDIOT BOX----nearly a year later, I was once again at my parent's home. My younger siblings had rented that same movie that about a year ago had been so very offensive to me! I was not going to remain in the room, because I remembered being offended. For some reason, I remained in the room and watched it again.
I was shocked beyond belief when I realized that I was NOT AT ALL OFFENDED by that movie! I thought, "I KNOW it is the same movie! WHAT HAS CHANGED? WHY DID I THINK IT WAS SO BAD???" I realized after some pondering, that I had become so very desensitized by my watching TV, the soap operas, even the commercials! THAT I NO LONGER HAD THE ABILITY TO FEEL THE GOOD INFLUENCE OF THE HOLY GHOST! IT was that gift of the Holy Ghost that I had always been able to trust, to lead me towards the LIGHT of CHRIST and AWAY FROM SATAN'S SNARES! I had LOST THAT! I was shaken.
I determined that in MY HOME, we would NOT allow the SPIRIT OF THE HOLY GHOST TO FLEE because IT WAS OFFENDED by TV and the subtle subversion's of satan! We have not regretted that choice. THERE is a wonderful spirit in our home when we make certain we are not allowing satan ANY way into our home, minds and hearts.
I am so sad that we are no longer able to get EDITED movies, we did so enjoy that service! BUT we have learned that it is far better to go without seeing the POPULAR movies, shows and fare provided by the evil one, than to lose that sweet companionship of the Holy Ghost!